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每天更新 2019年7月11日
Beirut : Beirut Municipal Council (BMC) postponed discussions about its waste incineration terms amid protests bu hundreds of civil society members ...
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The recent shutdown of the largest municipal trash incinerator in the U.S. marks the end of a long-fought battle for a majority Black neighborhood that ...
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By Brian Hioe. Environmental protests in Yangluo (陽邏), a residential district in the Chinese city of Wuhan, have garnered international media ...
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Macau (MNA) – The Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) has opened the public tender for the expansion of the solid waste incineration plant in ...
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But this momentous action is just part of a wider strategy to challenge, change and ultimately stop the Javelin Park Incinerator and we want to share ...
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Waste-to-energy incineration plants like the one proposed in Wuhan are ... The proposed incinerator was to be built on the site of a large landfill that ...
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With energy recovery rates soaring, recycling rates flagging and export markets closing their doors to recyclable material, some legal commentators ...
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Shanghai has introduced mandatory garbage sorting, effective July 1. It aims to ... Building an incinerator plant is another way of dealing with waste.
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After a fight that lasted decades, the largest municipal trash incinerator in the U.S., known as Detroit Renewable Power, was shut down.
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Google快讯 - waste incinerator

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