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每天更新 2019年6月20日
The Mageragere incinerator was bought in 2010 but remains idle, which the minister said is a result of poor planning on behalf of those who procured ...
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This new variance authorizes Thermaldyne to locate a hazardous waste incinerator in Port Allen and essentially exempts it from hazardous waste ...
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TEHRAN – Waste segregation and management in Iran, especially in big cities, has been a challenge for years. ... Waste electric incinerator machine.
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The owners, Covanta, said the pink smoke that wafted from the plant - a garbage incineration site - was caused by iodine that was not properly ...
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Almost all of Singapore's non-recyclable waste is incinerated, with the ash and some solid waste shipped to a man-made island nearby that doubles ...
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Gisborne said it is the regional district's garbage plan, it is responsible for ... "It's not an issue we need to be concerned about," said Brabazon. ... and occupation for old incinerator site closure and the resource-recovery centre project.
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Lakeside EfW is a joint venture between Grundon Waste Management and Viridor, while the adjoining incinerator is independently operated by ...
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This chapter allows the readers to understand the volatile political factors and conditions in different regions an their impact on the global market.
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